Our Fundraisers

Our Fundraisers: The Key to Success

The Difference Our Training Makes

We only work with fundraisers who have a heartfelt commitment to the good causes of our clients. This passion, along with warmth, integrity and a professional attitude, is the key to success with our face to face interactions. On every campaign, you can be sure your team of full-time fundraisers will be:

  • Carefully selected and intensively trained
  • Professional in their appearance and communication style
  • Polite and genuine in all interactions
  • Enthusiastic experts on your organization

In addition to their initial training – which covers everything from the basics of fundraising to assessing donors – our fundraisers benefit from interactive, client led training sessions before each campaign. This ensures they have expert knowledge of your organization, enabling them to be prepared and passionate while engaging prospective donors. The result? A positive impact on your organization’s profile, and an expanded monthly donor file.

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